All about the global impact reporting tool

Companies today need the involvement of digital tools to optimize their performance. Especially when it comes to reporting. With the objective of increasing productivity, companies are using the ultimate software to safely pass data to a digital transformation. Let's find out what tool we're talking about without further ado.

Discover impact software and its solutions

Every business, regardless of size, absolutely needs an analytics algorithm. Not only does this choice increase the fluidity of operations, but it also includes a database for the company. Diginex is in this case the alternative to maximize the accessibility of actions in the chain. It offers several solutions to cover several dimensions sustainably. ESG are the main features that characterize the shares of an organization. Integrated in the investment, it is essential to follow these criteria in order to invest at the right time. The tool therefore serves as a sensor that transforms data and news into digital. By using this function of the support, you are sure to identify real-time information and opportunities on ESG. In addition, data collection in various formats and collaboration becomes easy. The other solution concerns the impact of the company's actions on the environment. There are many dimensions that challenge companies and organizations. It is often either related to their fields of activity or the consequences of the activities produced by these boxes. This treatment of the tool focuses particularly on carbon. Thanks to this support, you will know how to control your carbon emission and especially act according to the carbon level. The third solution that the application presents is to make the supply chain transparent and allow you to detect obstacles. This way you are warned of risks. In addition to these solutions, the tool offers a customer support package.

A support platform

Apart from the multiple outcomes of the support, you also get professional advice. The tool is also a space that allows users to express themselves. Through this platform, you therefore have access to certain recommendations to promote sustainable development.