How to publish a notice of loss of a pet on social networks ?

With the social network Facebook, it is possible to make announcements of loss, even of a pet. It is a platform that has the necessary tools to have a wider reach. Read the following lines of this article to find out how it works.

How do I make a lost cat announcement on Facebook ?

To begin with, post quality images of your lost cat. On these images, be sure to add words in the top corner of the post so that your followers can identify your lost cat and most importantly, share these images so that many people see your post. For more info, go to my site. Next, to get your post to reach more people, use paid ads. With paid ads on Facebook, you can streamline your message to a specific person, a specific demographic and a specific age. Also, to achieve your goal, you need to boost your Facebook post. Finally, file a lost cat report. Notifying any animal welfare organization will help you find your lost cat quickly. 

What to do to avoid losing your cat

The first thing to do to avoid losing your cat is to tattoo, vaccinate and collar it. Indeed, tattooing is important for him to be registered with the law as a domesticated cat. Vaccination is important to avoid any risk of disease and the collar is a good way to show that your cat is not abandoned but belongs to someone. Furthermore, when you change environment, the risks of losing your cat are enormous, so it is advisable to lock him up in your new home so that he finds his bearings before you let him out. Finally, spay or neuter your cat and be careful not to leave it outside at night.