What are the types of AMD processors?

Most electronic devices have a processor. The processor is responsible for performing the tasks of computer programs. The AMD processor is one of the best processors available. So what are the features of each AMD processor?

AMD Ryzen9 3900 X processor

This model is among the most powerful types of AMD. Find out more here about ryzen dedicated server. It contains 12 cores and has an SMT, allowing it to display 24 threads. These performances are due to their application capacity and surpass the previous generations by these increasing games. It also controls all its power consumption. This processor is very solid and difficult to find a fault with it. It has features such as: Series: 3900 X ; Manufacturer warranty: 3 years manufacturers; Processor speed: 4.6 GHz; Processor Socket: Socket AM4; Device Compatibility: PC; Product Weight: 1.6 Ounce; Apart from these features mentioned above, it features 16GB of DDR4 RAM.

AMD Ryzen9 5950 X Processor

This processor allows you to enjoy your gaming time in the best conditions. It has 16 cores, 32 threats, and a Game cache 72. It has 16 native cores and 32 logical cores which allows you to perform many tasks. Thanks to these capabilities you can fully enjoy your video games, different tasks, streaming, 3D modeling, and much more. It has other features such as: CPU speed: 3.4 GHz; CPU Socket: AM4 Socket; Power: 105 watts; Secondary cache: 4 MB; Thus, it has many qualities.

AMD EPYC 7313P processor

This is a 3rd generation processor. It has features such as 16 cores of 32 threads, a compatible processor port of Socket sp3. The set of features of this processor are: Socket: SP3; Clock speed: 3.0 GHz; Turbo speed: 3.7 GHz; Cores: 16 ; Topics: 32 ; TDP up: 180 W ; Typical TDP: 155 w^ 3 ; These characteristics allow us to see its high performance.