What to know about AB7?

It is a major player in the pharmaceutical production of pipettes and veterinary collars and also generic drugs. Its objective is to protect the health and well-being of pets, for which it manufactures, develops and packages health products. Most of them are innovative. In this article, you will be given additional information about this health service.

Their strength

To begin with, AB7 is a trusted cdmo partner. The strength is the equivalence of motivation it prioritizes full-service integration with a flexible and diverse industrial capacity. This method allows you to benefit from a comprehensive expertise that encompasses the entire value chain while covering production. The value chain includes research, innovation, development, stability studies, production and packaging. There is also quality, product strategy, regulatory support, etc. It develops new medicines, always with a view to meeting the challenges of animal health and welfare, regardless of the species. It also offers OTC ranges. The diversity of their industrial park allows them to satisfy several needs.

Form and route of administration

Drugs are presented in the generic form in a specific or sometimes varied manner. It is important to master both of these in order to make the right choice for your pet. There are four types of form, namely the solid, semi-solid, liquid, non-sterile and release form. In the first three where we can find tablets, powder, capsules, gels, creams, etc.. For the forms whose release is of long duration, we have the necklace, the ear-tag, fit-on, etc. Regarding the routes of administration, there are the cutaneous, oral, ocular, auricular and transdermal. All this to facilitate the adaptation to any type of animal depending on the species.


Strengths represent the formidable weapon to achieve the goals one sets. They have strong pharmaceutical development and research capabilities, which allows them to produce high quality products. More than half of the team is focused on development and research activities. It is well known that the added value of a service or product depends on the collaboration of the members of each department. They have at their disposal experts like chemical engineers, veterinarians, responsible pharmacists and entomologists who work for the realization of the project. They also have laboratories that make all the difference because they develop solutions that allow eradicating and controlling pests. All this with the aim of guaranteeing the well-being of the consumer.

Benefits being a partner

As a partner you will initially benefit from a complete expertise, including services to support and accompany you in the various stages of the project. Among its services, it stands out project insurance, regulation, marketing, purchasing, intellectual property, etc. Agile project management tools to help you control your budget and guarantee satisfaction. Customization of products according to the specifications and packaging adapted to the product to facilitate the customer's task. You actually have everything to gain by partnering with AB7 Santé. Basically, their quotes are transparency, satisfaction and trust of the customer, which promotes a fruitful partnership between the two parties. 

All in all, here are the necessary information you need to know about AB7 health, whether you are a client or a future partner.