Why and how to create a chatbot ?

Nowadays, responsiveness is at the heart of consumer expectations. This is why a company must be able to provide concrete answers to its prospects at any time of the day. This article gives you some tips for creating a chatbot.

Benefits of a chatbot

A chatbot is a program designed to interact with internet users through a messaging platform or application. Its purpose is to exchange and provide answers to users in an automated way. For more details, visit her latest blog. Chatbots have become popular thanks to the progress of artificial intelligence. This tool has become a must in conversational marketing. The use of chatbots allows to establish a personalised discussion to connect and qualify a customer or a prospect according to the need. It provides a better customer experience. Having a chatbot tool also allows to collect customers' opinions. It is also a space where they can share their comments and experiences.

Creating a chatbot

To create a chatbot, there are several ways. The easiest and fastest way is to use chatbot creation software. You can use software like HubSpot, Chatful, Botsify and many others. HubSpot's chatbot creation tool allows you to create a chatbot for website and Messenger, automate appointment setting and handle technical questions from customers. Being accessible to all, this software offers bot templates and a visual editor to customise the chat. Chatful is one of the most popular chatbot development platforms for Facebook and Messenger. This platform offers a free version with basic and limited functionality. Creating a chatbot with this software requires no technical experience. The Botsify platform allows you to develop a chatbot for Messenger, Facebook, Whatsapp and also for websites. With this platform, it is possible to create several chatbots and use them for different purposes. This makes it possible to manage several tasks.