Why do companies need a chatbot?


Chatbots are revolutionising customer service for many companies. Many experts believe that the use of chatbots is indispensable in marketing communication and customer support. In this article, you will find 4 good reasons why the use of chatbots is profitable, for customers, for the company and for the employees.

Chatbots save time and money

Corporate customer service centres receive countless questions every day, many of which are similar. If a bot learns to answer simple, recurring queries in an automated way, employees save time for more complex questions. This minimises manual work, thus reducing costs and offering customers quick solutions to problems. Find out more via this weblink.

Chatbots are available 24/7

A bot does not need sleep or holidays. It can be reached at weekends and even at night. Nowadays, customers expect quick help at any time of the day and without spending time in annoying queues. Thanks to quick responses, bots make customers more satisfied and thus contribute to customer loyalty.

Chatbots reduce complexity

Bots provide users with information or product suggestions tailored to their interests in the online channels they use every day, from restaurant recommendations to news and style tips in online shops. This simplifies complicated search processes and ultimately allows customers to place orders conveniently via a single platform without media disruption.

Chatbots contribute to successful sales

Bots support the sales process by answering an important product question from the customer and prompting them to complete the sale. In addition, bots can also be used proactively in the sense of campaigns and draw customers' attention to new products and services. The bounce rate (abandonment rate) is also significantly reduced and customer engagement improved.